Why The Health and Fitness Industry Is So Rich

Industries are created to make money because that is how the world goes round. People are employed to make and sell the product, they get paid and then spend their money on the product. Normally these products are beneficial to everyone such as oil, furniture, holidays and food production.But parts of the health and fitness industry are designed to keep you fat and attached to the product. I believe in healthy eating and keeping food as natural as possible, the body works best this way. And manufactured food I consider to be plastic food as it has been put together in a plant and comes in either foil or brightly coloured packets. Anything that comes in a packet is manufactured.In all gyms you will find energy bars, for ‘energy’ please read ‘manufactured full of sugar bars’. These are sold as bars that will give you energy (not wrong there, but the wrong kind of short lived energy) and because they are sold in a ‘health’ environment you make the association that they are healthy… even more wrong. Sugar is the one thing that will make you and keep you fat, so by eating these bars you will stay fat. I agree that energy needs to be replaced after exercise, but it needs to be replaced with proper food that contains the proper balanced nutrients that the body requires. So along with planning your trip to the gym or exercise class or personal training session you need to plan for your recovery post exercise.Protein shakes and energy drinks, now unless you are following a strict training plan that results in a specific goal (sub 3.30 marathon) or you are expected to become an elite athlete (100m world champion) then these products should not be in your hands, they are for people training 3- 5 times per day.The shakes and energy drinks contain sugar and sugar makes you fat. Whilst you continue to give your body sugar it will use it (good) or store it (bad) and when it is stored it becomes fat. The body can and is able to use body fat for energy BUT only when there is NO SUGAR present. Therefore if you are really trying to lose body fat, there is only one choice but to stay off the sugar, this includes glucose, fructose, saccharose, dextrose, galactose, maltose, anything that ends in ‘ose’ (and steer clear of the artificial sweeteners they may do instead – they just feed your addiction).The health and fitness industry will let you believe that these products will help you lose weight and then when you don’t you are either doing it wrong or not doing enough and you should buy more, so you do and then you either stay the same or increase weight and the health and fitness industry gets richer.There are much better ways to be spending your money than on weight loss products. My advice would be to get educated, learn about your body, take some time and invest in yourself and your body… it’s only too late if you don’t start now!’For things to change you need to stop what you are doing’. AnonWant to break free from your sugar addiction? Book your place on the next The Real Truth About Weight Loss seminar to find out how.

Health and Fitness For Children

Introducing your children early in life to proper health and fitness routines will go along way towards promoting their general heath as they grow up because body and fitness are very much important for their whole life. You need to tell them the importance so that they know whatever they are doing is for their own benefit.It is important to let your children play games that will both keep then healthy and fit. You can make for them a health and fitness plan and encourage them to follow it by participating too once in a while. Children can easily be obese especially if you don’t regulate what and when they eat. The health and fitness plan can also be for the whole family in which case it will include the kids. If you don’t take the initiative, you will find that your children are relying heavily on the television for relaxation which is not very good for them in the long run.Health and fitness routines can help your children deal with puberty anxiety in an easy way so as to avoid stress. Introduce your children to the right exercises according to their age and ability and change them as they grow up and let them know the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.Health and fitness for your children also entails proper feeding. Good nutrition should have the right proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins and select foods that they love as long as you make it a balanced diet. Children learn by following example hence if you make a point of having a good health and fitness routine yourself, they most likely will follow suit.

Top Money Saving Tips And Tricks While Traveling

Your holiday confirmation email appears, launching your heart into a chorus of joyful emotions. Suddenly, taking carefree walks on the beach and shopping for fantastic bargains enters your imagination. Make the most of your holiday experience with my saving tips and tricks.Exchange Currencies Before You Go On HolidayConverting your currencies before traveling will avoid the costs of hefty airport fees and the hassle of exchanging your currency at your destination. This will also give you a good idea of your budget before you travel and ensure you’re getting the highest possible exchange rate.Do Your Research!It’s so easy to spoil yourself and your loved ones while on holiday, and the thing is, you can! But doing research about the current city or country you’ll be travelling will make sure this happens. From free public transport to free Wi-Fi access, saving a bit of cash means more money for shopping or special cocktails.Get A Multi-Currency Cash Passport – And Use It CorrectlyTo make a secure transaction while paying for goods and services overseas, choose the credit option instead of debit when using your multi-currency cash passport.Handy Hint: Use your card mainly for cash withdrawals and shopping purposes.Dine Like A PresidentWhile traveling, food can sometimes become the best tourist attraction. However, this doesn’t mean eating at fancy restaurants for every meal. From sizzling street dishes in Thailand to local food markets in Italy, there’s a delicious meal to complement every palate.Know Your Refundable TaxesMany countries charge taxes that can often be reimbursed for vacationers once they depart.Handy Hint: If you’ve done a bit of shopping at Tax-Free shopping outlets, you can also get these refunded upon departure. Countries that provide similar shopping tax refund schemes include Singapore, Japan and Australia!Understand The Culture And CustomsSeasoned travelers are professionals when it comes to understanding the cultures and customs of the land they’re traveling in. For example, a seasoned traveler in France would know that if he dines al fresco style, there’s a good chance that he can get charged double the amount as opposed to dining inside.Whether you’re traveling for a few days, weeks or months getting the best out of your hard earned money should always be your top priority. Hence, with these tips and tricks, you can save money and enjoy your travel at the same time without any difficulty.